by Sydney Spence
A free-spirited, author and creator.

Sydney  enjoys capturing natural beauty and candid shots as an amateur photographer and graphic designer. Turning her photos into journal covers started out as a hobby and turned into more than 325 journals published on Amazon. Including some inspirations that were designed with you in mind. As an author, journals come natural.

Being creative is just like breathing. When not taking photos, Sydney enjoys tinkering with graphic design.

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Color to Calm with Journal, Monthly Snapshot, and Weekly Planner

Sydney Spence photographs places she travels, a lot of nature, and anything beautiful through her eyes and turns them into covers for her journals.

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Costa Rica A Journal with Flowers on It.png
Texas Journal.png

Original design, this Texas word art piece encompasses all there is to love about Texas.

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Capricorn Journal.png

Inspired by the uniqueness of all humans, the zodiac collection is designed for lovers of the universe.

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Professional journals and planners are available to make your life easier in the workplace.

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Yall Gonna Learn.png

Customized journals are available by Sydney Spence with options available to suit your business needs.

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Customized Journal Covers Lyrics Grooms

Although most appointments are done online these days, there is always a need for this 365 pages of appointment logs.

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Book Cover Templates (4).png

Created for the town of Hutto, Texas, where hippos roam free. These journals are original and not mass produced. 

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Customized name journals. The list is always growing.

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Topics of all sense of humor for adults 18 and over. And the sarcasm is covered.

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Journals make the perfect gift anytime of year. Find affordable holiday gift options here.

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Dogs and Sunflowers Journal.png

For all the animal lovers out there, this collection is for you. Growing daily, the goal is to create an entire "zoo" of journals.

— Because we love animals

Retro has made a comeback. The 70s, 80s, and 90s are "cool" again. 

— Go back in time

It's going to be a great day teachers journal.png

My First Journal collection makes the perfect gift. Can be personalized.

— Learn how to get personalized

My First Journal.png
Go hippos student planner.png

Student journals and planners will help keep them organized all year long!

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fundraiser ideas how to raise money with journals fundraising sell journals to raise money

Get your business logo in the local customized journal for Hutto, Texas. Proceeds are donated to area teachers and PTAs.

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Journals created for the football lovers everywhere!

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Dallas Colors

Meant for any parent that wants to pass down letters someday. 

— Create memories to last always

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