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Graphic Design Collection

For creative and unique journals and planners

That Journal Store is a bookstore of journals, planners, and organizing tools. Original journal covers by Author Sydney Spence. Find the perfect journal for you today.

Graphic Design Journals

Sydney enjoys graphic design in her free time.

I Drink Mega Pints Journal
Y'all Gonna Learn Today Teacher Journal
Arcade Game Pac Man Journal
Make a Plan Journal
Do Something Journal
Roller Skate Journal
Don't Miss It: Planner and Journal
Texas in Rainbow Colors: 2023 Weekly Planner and Journal
I Visited Texas journal
I visited Texas souvenir journal
All About Texas: A Word Art Journal
Texas Boots Journal
Texas Word Art Weekly Planner
Texas Word Art Journal
Cute Diary for My Thoughts
I Am Very Busy Student Planner
Elephant journal
Beautiful Space Galaxy Photo Journal: Weekly Planner
Best View of the Universe
Dream Beyond the Milky Way: Journal
Dog Lovers Journal
I Love Dogs Planner
I Love Dogs Journal
Art Journal
Head in the Clouds Journal
Mental Health Matters Journal
My Therapy Journal
Entry is Not Advised: Diary
VIP Diary
We Love Our Longhorns in Texas
Weekly Planner for the Cat Lover
Dolphins at Sunset Journal
Dolphins Playing Journal
Cute Dolphin Journal
Red Bird Journal
Costa Rica Frog Journal
The Vaper's Journal
My Colorful Hippo Journal
My Colorful Hippo Journal in Blue
All I Want for Christmas is a Hippo Red Cover
Family Recipes Journal
Capricorn Journal: Gifts for a Capricorn
Scorpio Journal: Gifts for a Scorpio
Aries Journal: Gifts for an Aries
Libra Journal: Gifts for an Libra
Pisces Journal: Gifts for a Pisces
Aquarius Journal: Gifts for an Aquarius
Sagittarius Journal: Gifts for a Sagittarius
Taurus Journal: Gifts for a Taurus
Cancer Journal: Gifts for a Cancer
Virgo Journal: Gifts for a Virgo

Original Photography Journals

Find journals using original photography shots from all over the United States, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. More places to come. 

Costa Rica Beach