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How it Works

We try to keep it simple yet successful

When partnering with That Journal Store for your fundraiser, we make it simple. There are three options to choose from. Whatever suits your needs is our goal. And if it doesn't, we still want to help you find the right fundraiser for you. Be sure to check out our fundraising ideas page. 


Is your organization looking for something unique and different in a fundraiser but still want to make as much as you can from sales? That Journal Store is on a mission to help.

As a Mom, it becomes a little monotonous when it comes to the fundraiser portion of the year because we pretty much know what to expect.

Why not give those parents and grandparents something they can really use while helping your organization raise much needed funding?

You'll also be supporting a local writer's work!

Here's how it works.

Step One


Select the journal that you are interested in using for your fundraiser.

If your school is not listed, just send an email to!

Step Two


Select the fundraiser option that is best suited for your organizations needs.

Choose from Below


Buy copies of the planners at $5 each and sell at a retail price you set ($15 retail is suggested). You keep 100% of the profit from sales.

**Best suited for book fairs, pop-ups at events, and retail stores.

**The funds raised are dependent upon what you retail the journals for. We recommend $15-$20 per journal.


**Your profit is anything over the $5 +tax that you purchased the journals for. 

**For example, you buy 500 copies at $5 each, you then sell the 500 copies at $15 each, and earn $5000 profit.

**You disperse orders onsite.

**Ordered through That Journal Store.

**S&H is paid by your organization and can range based on the quantity ordered.


Copy the picture of the journal you want to use. Use it however you want for your fundraising flyer or website page. Create a QR Code to your flyer and take orders through your selected end date! ​Determine the quantity you will need to order.

**Best suited for online orders.

**Ability to set your own price.

**You collect payments. 

**You keep 100% of the profit from sales - after costs which are $7 +tax per journal. 

**Ordered through dedicated Amazon affiliate link provided by That Journal Store.

**Receive your order within one to two weeks direct to you from Amazon.


**This option allows for free Prime S&H. 

**You disperse the orders



You are provided with a dedicated QR code that you can share on your organizations website, social media, or through email blasts. It will direct parents to Amazon ordering page so that they can place the order through Amazon and receive free Prime shipping.


**Your organization will receive payment within 60 days past your campaign deadline and/or dates ordered.

**No inventory ever.

**Journals shipped direct to customer. 

**The price is set to allow for maximum profit. Amazon sets the royalties. Sydney is splitting her royalties for your organization's benefit during your campaign's fundraiser dates.  


**Your profit on this type of sale is $5. Paid to your preferred payment method. 

**Example/ 100 sales = $500! 

Step Three


Complete the application on the sign up page.

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Put the FUN Back in Fundraising

Get Away from the Same Old Fundraisers

There are many ways to raise money for your organization and the great thing is, you don't have to stick to just one idea! Believe it or not people are still in the giving mode these days, despite the economy, because everyone has a hope that things can get better. Here are some ideas to get your fundraising project underway! Use one or use them all but have fun with it!

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