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Looking for Ways to Supplement Your Income?

Let's go places together. Because helping one another is the right thing to do. 

Things are a little tight for you right now. You're looking for ways to supplement your income. Sydney wants to help. 

There are no sign up fees. There are two income generating options. And there are no monthly minimums. It's that simple. 

Why does Sydney do this? Because "you don't have to be greedy to be successful." 

Step One

Choose Journal for Fundraiser

Each journal is assigned to one organization for a limited amout of time. 

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Step Three

Set Up Your Payment Method

Once your application is approved, you will be asked for your payment method.

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Step Two

Submit a Quick and Easy Application

You will be notified if the journal you selected is unavailable.

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Step Four

Start Sharing Your Dedicated QR Code

You will be assigned your own dedicated QR code to share on social, email, text, and more! 

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Get Paid Monthly
(money from sales will be sent to you through your preferred payment method)

Ready to Get Started?

Getting your own personalized page is free PLUS, you earn every time one of the journals you have selected sells. Need more information? Send That Journal Store an email.

Thanks for submitting!