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Sydney Spence is an independent Author that receives royalty payments from the sales of her books and journals. She also receives commission payments through the use of her Amazon affiliate links.


When offering her journals as fundraising options, Sydney is agreeing to a portion of her royalty payment being paid to the organization for their campaign period. For example: A 100 page custom journal will retail at $20.25. The royalty on one journal is $10. The organization receives 50% of the royalty for a total of $5 per journal sold. 


Payments are typically distributed by Amazon two months after a sale, meaning the organization would not receive royalty payment until 60 days following the last day of placing their order. Shipping speed is dependent on the order method. 


Sydney Spence, Author, is not responsible for any printing or shipping errors by the printing entity however, Amazon honors returns and/or replacements. 

Journal covers are photographed or created by Sydney Spence, Author. That Journal Store is a DBA of Sydney Spence.

The retail price listed on Amazon will be adjusted on the last day of your campaign for you to order from. The price will revert bacl to retail price at 7 days past campaign date. 

Orders placed through Amazon link may have a quantity limit. Multiple orders may be required. 


Titles will be "booked" during campaign months and only available to one organization at a time.


Organizations are responsible for accepting payments for orders and distribution of orders.


Your contact and billing information will remain private and not sold or shared to outside entities.


Sydney Spence grants permission to organizations for the use of her journal covers, logo, and content during their fundraiser campaigns.    


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